Operations Management Graduate Scheme

During our 18-month Operations Management Graduate Scheme, you’ll learn all about what is takes to delivery the operational railway we know today, including stations, signalling, control and incident response. Explore our relationships with train and freight companies, the British Transport Police and the emergency services to understand what goes into delivering a good experience.

Operations Management Year in Industry

Gain experience on important projects, learn about what it takes to deliver the operational railway, gain a rounded view of the network, and understand the problems we face. With support from experienced mentors, you can expect to learn a lot, and experience even more.

Operations Management Summer Placement

Dive into diverse challenges faced by our business and help us overcome these, progress, develop and grow our operation. On our 10-week long Operations Management Summer Placement you’ll get the inside track on what we do to achieve our goals, working alongside suppliers, operators and external stakeholders.