Application Process and Advice

Your future matters.

Which is why we’ve gathered some of our top tips for applying to our schemes.

Our Application Process

The application process across our Graduate, Undergraduate and Apprentice Schemes are similar, so our tips apply to everyone.

We want everyone that applies to have the best opportunity of succeeding and we’re committed to making our process as accessible as we can. If you require reasonable adjustments at any stage of the process, please get in touch so we can support you.


Application form

Our simple form collects the information we need to ensure you meet our minimum criteria.

Online testing

This is an assessment presenting you with scenarios to assess how you work. As part of this we’ll ask you to complete a video interview designed to help us learn more about you and your interests.

Assessment centre

These will be virtual or in-person, depending on the scheme you apply to. We’ll allocate you to your closest available location. The day consists of a few exercises to help show your understanding of our purpose, motivations for applying and how you work.

Outcome and feedback

We’ll give feedback as soon as possible, alongside an outcome for the application process.

Our Top Tips

Online test

  • Re-read the advert for the role you’ve applied for. Make sure you’re aware of what it’s about and what it involves.
  • Take your time. Read each activity carefully to ensure you understand the scenario.
  • Be honest. Go with your first response in order to show us your natural response to the scenario.

Video interview

  • Refresh your memory. Read what the role you’ve applied for is and remind yourself why you applied for it.
  • Look at our website. We’ll ask about your motivations for joining us, so remind yourself of our purpose and values.
  • Check your technology. Make sure your Wi-Fi is strong, your camera is working, and your microphone is connected.
  • Use the practice questions. Before you get into the real thing, we’ll give you a few questions to practice with – use these!

Assessment centre

  • Do your preparation. Make sure you understand who we are and what we’re all about.
  • Show us who you are. We’ll be looking at how you approach scenarios, how you deal with change, how you work as a team and more. Make sure you show us how you use these skills.
  • Use the time we have. In a short space of time, we want to learn what motivates you, what makes you enthusiastic and what inspires you.